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About Lanorah's Personal Care 



Lanorah’s Personal Care was founded in 2007 by Lanorah Alex, from her willingness to provide care to those in need. Embarking on the stewardship of LPC by bringing 18 years of training and experience into long term care. Her experience encompasses aspects of nursing and care giving. Since founding the company, she has serviced clients in assisted living facilities, private homes, long term care facilities and independent retirement homes.
Care giving is our passion and we are dedicated to training others. We administer reliable, professional and affordable care services to all our clients. 

LPC was founded with the aspiration of assisting those who are experiencing dificulties providing the best care for their loved ones. As a community based company, we have remained true to who we are by fully accommodating our clients’ needs. With trustworthy providers who provide peace of mind and comfort to your loved ones.
Our company has expanded our services to include care to those with disabilities, Lou Gehrig’s, Parkinson, Dementia/Alzheimer’s and hip and knee replacements.  LPC has recently expanded to include Nanny Services.




Phone: 832-953-5721